A Pokerface -Dinner

29. JUL – 9pm

The Fantasy

Delicious Desert. Delicious Conversation. Everybody soo civilized. Soo cultivated. Even a priest is present, who gives the exchanged ideas and insights a shine of higher purpose.

But… every person’s inner world claims to exact its dues. How easy it is to forget about our weak nature or our lust for adrenalin… So why not accepting that specific pleasurable offer, written on golden paper that you just received secretly from the world under the table by mysterious hands…

Do you dare? … do you really think, you can control yourself and risk it? Because: never ever get caught by anybody… Especially not by the priest’s sharp eye, being keen on lies and devoted to punish the sinful among us… Or are you part of the underworld, who loves to tease and to explore your power of sensual impact?!

SALON CLOSE is a space of *non-penetration /*active consent / *erotic performance / *self-responsability
Sensuality and erotic energy is explicitly invited, but you may be curious and open for yet undiscovered ways of self-perception and sensual play.

Dresscode: elegant Black & White – dress to impress

How is the setting?

SALON CLOSE NIGHTS is most certainly suitable for newcomers to erotic spaces and introverted individuals, as it is in a small setting (~25) and initially focuses on the enjoyable observation, sharper sensing, subtle sizzling and slow exploration. However, there is always an advanced immersion for experiences of a more unusual kind. To increase a feeling of safety, consider to ask someone you trust to also join SALON CLOSE and buddy up with during the experience.

  • Sweet Desert with pairing wine/drinks
  • High-Protocoll: you will receive clear rules for the evening one week prior
  • you are always free to accept secret-services or not
  • you are welcome to bring your companion animal or contribute one of your servants
  • Active consent and self-responsibility shall be the norm.
  • There is no awareness team – consider coming with someone you trust (buddy).
  • Cell phones are prohibited, there is a designated setting for the photographer.
  • Of course, you can leave at any time.

Financial Contribution: We play!

We will agree on your individual contribution in personal contact. We have a flexible range. For example, if you are interested in an EXTRA-TREATMENT… a surprise, a fantasy, special care, and you are happy to invest extra for it – here we go.. In any case, don’t shy away…

For any open questions, there is a field in the contact form 👇🏽

Fully human,

yet wild Self-forgotten, animal

Heart and sense entwined


Process of confirmation: If you wish to safe your space, RING HERE up to 2 WEEKS PRIOR  to each SALON CLOSE. We confirm your spot immediately after personal CheckIn, so the event can be filled up before that deadline.


    This application is for SALON NIGHT(S) ...
    t updates via TELEGRAM 👉

    Your full name

    Optional: Your social name

    This is not a workshop but an experience. We take our time to curate the society for each evening (15-25).
    - so after we received your answers here, we will get in touch personallly, so that...
    *YOU have all information you need, to have an exciting, safer experience
    *WE understand your backround (especially with active consent, boundaries & s.t.i., eventually Art, Traumasensitivity, Aphrodisiaka ect.)
    *EVERYBODY engages in the idea of self-responsability, experiment and self-exploration with a certain spice: risk and adventure

    That said, your space is only secured after you've filled out this form AND we have had a personal ZOOM, including payment agreements. ONE WEEK PRIOR, we will feed your soul and brain with pre-joice via TELEGRAM, including all specific preparational information.

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    I want-AND-canI am ready for my personal ZOOM 👉
    Mobile number (for further communication between us)