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The Facilitator

Ich bin Frauke und mein Kink ist die Intimität mit meinem Leben… dieses Gefühl von Hingabe an mich selbst. Welch Genuss, meinen Innenraum zu besuchen, tief zu spüren und in mein Herz zu kommen. Und das im rohen, ganz „normalen“ Hier&Jetzt.

Die tägliche Praxis des TANTRA YOGA ist Grundbaustein und Synthese zugleich meiner bisherigen Verkörperung als Tantrikerin, Künstlerin & S’Expertin.

Ich biete an, mit Dir diese  traditionellen Methoden – vornehmlich HathaYoga – zu erforschen und zu praktizieren (ca 1,5h im Park oder im INTAEGER Salon) – es geht nicht weniger als um Dein LEBEN… – dieses Kribbeln, Brennen, Überfließen im „Alltag“ durch die Fähigkeit zu Gegenwärtigkeit. 

Setting bekleidet, im Park oder im Intaeger Salon, Yogautensilien bitte selbst mitbringen

Dauer ca. 90min

Termine werden (kurzftistig) über diesen telegramKanal bekanntgegeben

Methoden Hridaya Hatha Yoga, sinnliche Bewusstseinsübungen, dynamische & stille Meditationen, Q&A


Only an unhappy person seeks happiness.

And the happiness they find is only temporary, contingent, dependent on outer circumstances, on things going a “certain way”. How quickly they become unhappy again, when circumstances change, when things don’t go their way, when a text isn’t returned, or a score is lower than expected, or an opportunity is lost, or a dream shatters.

Don’t seek a contingent happiness, seek the source of happiness itself.

Or rather, find out who you really are.

Know yourself.

It’s not that you’ll never find happiness again.

It’s that your very definition of happiness will transform completely.

The word will mean something totally different to you.

When you know yourself as life, when you touch life, its throb and pulse and electricity, when you give yourself to life and become intimate with the living day, when you open your arms to what comes and bless what leaves, you’ll find a deeper contentment, beyond limited notions of “happiness”.

You’ll find a deep sense of safety in the present moment. A profound connection with the here and now. A heart open to joy and to sorrow, grief and ecstasy. You’ll be moved to tears by a cloud, a blade of grass, the smile of a friend.

You’ll fall to the ground in gratitude for a single day on this earth.

You won’t seek fame or fortune, or even temporary highs. You won’t seek spiritual experiences.

Or rather, you’ll enjoy these things when they come, and you’ll bless them when they inevitably leave.

You don’t want happiness you want God. And if you don’t like the word God then drop it and be done with it.

You don’t want happiness you want the throb and pulse and erotic shock of life itself soaring through your veins once again.

And if that isn’t happiness I don’t know what is.

A happiness large and generous enough to contain its own opposite.

A happiness that loves you as you grieve.

A happiness that never leaves.

– Jeff Foster