More love, more beauty, more play

I enjoyed the advantages of living in England (London), France (beloved Lyon) and Italy (Bologna❤️)

Together into freedom

With you, I feel free,

My companion, confidant, seductress, advisor.

You, my mistress, adept in the art of love, mistress of beautiful arts

and of my wild mind that never lets me rest.

The game of losing control and surrender.

Celebrating and nurturing my masculine energy

where time and space unite, we meet

I, valuing gifts and protection as the language of love

Not waiting, always committed to pleasure and amusement

Respecting and admiring your worldly reputation

You are perfectly welcome, for my gaze of love sees you

I teach you true love – because

With you, I feel free.

„Love me forever, but do not
be jealous when others do the same!“

Honorarium & Inquiry

The prices are applicable for bookings by a single customer in Leipzig and Berlin. If your partner accompanies you, the fee increases by 50%. Threesomes – gladly accepted – upon request.

All prices include the statutory value-added tax according to §19 UStG.

USP – Kink&Culture Berlin

14-24 Hours

  • You get to enjoy my insider knowledge and connections.
  • I guide/educate you so you can have exciting experiences in these spaces.
  • Relaxation, rejuvenation, and exclusive eroticism are not neglected at the Relaxation Resort. I know the internal kinky scene, the secret 1920s vibe, or hip bars… all of them.


Blind Date

2-3 Hours Companion /// 6-7 Hours

  • Ideal for both of us to get to know each other! No physical union – a promising dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant full of exciting tension. Or a joint museum visit. A romantic city stroll. An evening event… Eroticism is a state of mind.

€1,100 /// €2,100

Erotic Immersion

From 3 hours

  • Intense Body-to-body xx soul-to-soul – immerse yourself in new levels of intimacy. No physical union, but everything else, and possibly much more intimate than anything you’ve experienced before… Optionally, with elements of Affectionate Dominance / kink.

From €1,800

When it’s meant to be…

Mahituna – The Tantric Art of Union

6-7 Hours

  • LCS – Life’s sweetest climax, deepest immersion and reach highest skies
  • Includes a prelude dinner and dessert in the hotel suite. We embrace traditional elements and complement them with your preferences.


Overnight & Cuddle-Morning

Up to 14 Hours

  • Cuddling, sharing dreams… the perfect night lasts until breakfast.


Luxury Relaxation

48 Hours

A weekend getaway into nature, a stimulating short trip, an erotic conference… Are you already addicted? Ideas: Into Nature // Culture & Nature

Price upon request.