30. JUN – 9pm

The Fantasy

👉 🇩🇪 german

On this evening, there is a lot. Enough for everyone. Abundance.

This promisses to be the finest, juiciest experience of your life. You enter the hall with the large cherry wood table – on it ripe summer fruits and innocent meat that just begs to be used as a decorative playground. Chocolate strokes bring the skin canvas to life. You witness the feeling of being used and cared for at the same time…

Later, there will be also an opportunity for you… if you want… We all forget, that playing with food is not allowed – suddenly you have 8 arms and 4 tongues. Slowly, the inside and outside melt together into a hot unity.*

SALON CLOSE is a space of *non-penetration /*active consent / *erotic performance / *self-responsability
Sensuality and erotic energy is explicitly invited, but you may be curious and open for yet undiscovered ways of self-perception and sensual play.

Dresscode: feel sexy and consider options with more skin, clothes may get dirty

How is the setting?

  • Decorative fruits xx skin xx liquid chocolate xx brushes xx tongues xx We bring alive the Salon by getting juicy ourselves and spilling champagne
  • *There is a ceremony master that takes care of your wishes & boundaries
  • *you stay clothed as much as you want and of course also can just enjoy observing
  • Active consent and self-responsibility shall be the norm. There is no awareness team.
  • Cell phones are prohibited, there is a designated setting for the photographer.
  • Of course, you can leave at any time.
  • make sure you provide for yourself a „backup“ of savory snacks.

SALON CLOSE NIGHTS begin with a performance. It is most certainly suitable for newcomers to erotic spaces and introverted individuals, as it is in a small setting (~25) and initially focuses on the enjoyable observation, sharper sensing, subtle sizzling and slow exploration. However, there is always an advanced immersion for experiences of a more unusual kind. To increase a feeling of safety, consider to ask someone you trust to also join SALON CLOSE and buddy up with during the experience.